"Venom's interest in electronic music started in the year 2000. In the beginning it was only attending to parties and having a good time, but his passion for the music quickly turned into dj-ing. He bought his first decks, mixer and vinyls in November of 2003. Venom learned to handle the decks while watching other DJ's perform on many different parties. In the begining of his DJ career he mostly played for his friends and at home constantly improving his skills.

Since December 2003 Venom is cooperating with the Amortyzator Kolektiv in organizing parties. His sets are balanced mix of hard and heavy techno and are known for it's energy and hard bass line. In spite of his young age and career, he has already played in most clubs in the south of Poland. Whatever he does it has to be perfect and that's his goal for now. As a young talent in the electronic music scene he has great potential to become more known outside his home country.

In December 2005 he has joined Turbulence Crew and started organizing techno parties named "Combat Area" in Club Tlen - Bielsko-Biala Poland. Since April 2006 he's cooperating also with Substanz Art booking agency. In August 2006 he took part in co-creating the project which consists of playing on 4 turntables with his friend Marks. They called it M.V.Project. Future plans are to master mixing on 3 decks and start his own productions".